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Prymak Financial and Banking Solutions

Lending and Banking Solutions

Now more than ever, finding value in your current process makes the difference between survival and success. Prymak helps financial institutions quickly gain more value and efficiency in their lending technology processes, while offering experienced and impartial advice on emerging solutions to regulatory compliance, security, fraud prevention and virtual technologies. We begin by understanding that the technology needs of lending and banking institutions differ by who they serve.

Regional Banks
Different regions of the United States have very different banking and lending needs. Your technology solutions must accommodate the system requirements, stakeholders and regulatory requirements of a particular part of the country. But most of all, your technology must match the lifestyle of the customer base within that region, so that your services are easy to conduct and understand.

Credit Unions
Prymak understands that as a not-for-profit built to serve members, your core principles and mission differ from that of most other financial institutions. It is increased member satisfaction and value that drive your business, not bottom line. But Prymak also knows that a credit union cannot exist without retained earnings, and you need to operate your business efficiently to provide members with a range of attractive, quality and low-cost products, while continually increasing membership.

Community Banks
You are banking on your community, and your long-term success is directly tied to that of the people you live and work with every day. You may take greater risks in order to help your neighbors and increase the wealth in your market. Prymak knows that value depends on the accuracy and timeliness of the information your technology systems produce, and the efficiency with which they are provided.

Mortgage Companies
With no other banking services to create revenue, your lending process must be extremely efficient in order to generate profit. Prymak understands that your bottom line depends on how well you can build value and margins into your existing process chain. Our extensive experience in LOS and lending technology systems ensures that we help you make the best decisions that result in greater profits.

Take the first step to find out more about what Prymak can do for your institution, request a no-cost Initial 90™ Technology Risk Review.

Depending upon which vulnerabilities the Initial 90 Risk Review reveals, Prymak has a Suite of proven Technology solutions to help you find the right fit for your needs.

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